Foodie Dan Grade: A
Michelin Stars: *
Yelp Stars: 4.5/5 (review)
Price: $80-$100/person
Foodie Dan Visits: 10/2007, 2008

Beverly Wilshire
9500 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 275-5200

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Cut is located in the in the Beverly Wilshire hotel and is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant. This is a steakhouse so obviously their steaks take center stage here. They have all of the standard cuts of USDA prime corn fed beef including the rib eye, NY steak, porterhouse, etc. I used to eat a lot of rib eyes but in recent years I’ve switched over to the slightly leaner NY steak and this one did not disappoint.

However, what stands out here in addition to the traditional steaks is their Kobe beef. They offer real wagyu Kobe beef directly from Japan. This is obviously very expensive (I think it was around $120 for 6 ounces and it’s $40 for every additional 2 ounces after that). They also have American Wagyu / Angus “Kobe style” beef from Snake River Farms in Idaho for about 1/2 the price of the Japanese Kobe. In my opinion, the American wagyu isn’t worth it. The Japanese wagyu…definitely worth it. 6 ounces is not a lot but this is like foie gras…very rich and full of flavor. I don’t think a person could eat more than 6 ounces due to sensory overload. We all ordered steaks but got a Japanese kobe beef for the table to share. The only place with true kobe beef that rivals Cut is the restaurant across the street…Urasawa (but that’s another experience).

We came here to celebrate my birthday. There were 6 of us in attendance but my son (2 years old) was also there and he didn’t eat anything. So in reality, it was a 5 adult meal. We did splurge a bit because it was my birthday.

Dining Area
The dining area is very modern. The chairs are $500/each so they are very comfortable. The restaurant was designed by Wolfgang Puck’s friend Richard Meier.

Bread and cheesebread come standard. The cheesebread is very good if you’re into that. I don’t eat much cheese but I did try one and it was great.

We started with a glass of their rose champagne. I always enjoy starting my meals with a nice aperitif.

For starters we ordered the tuna tartare, macintosh and fuji apple salad, butter lettuce salad, and blue crab and shrimp louie. All of these were excellent but the tuna tartare really stood out as a winner. The blue crab and shrimp louie took a close second place.

Main Dish
The steaks were superb. My NY sirloin was cooked perfectly medium which is just the way that I like it.

Since it was my birthday they gave me a tiramisu. I really love tiramisu if it’s done well and this cake was perfect. It was perfectly moist.

There is a full bar available so drinks are also excellent. Of course they have an extensive and impressive wine list. I am not sure if she is still there but the sommelier was Dana Farmer and she is excellent. She is very open and easy to talk to and I enjoyed spending a few minutes talking to her about wine pairing, dessert wines, etc. If she is still there, she’s an absolute gem.

We started with a bottle of Reisling and then moved to a bolder red with the steak. We ended with some dessert icewine that Dana recommended that was absolutely perfect.

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