Matsuhisa – Intro

Foodie Dan Grade: A-
Michelin Stars: None
Yelp Stars: 4/5 (review)
Price: $60-$150/person
Foodie Dan Visits: multiple (about twice/year)

129 N La Cienega Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 659-9639

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I used to be a regular at Matsuhisa. It is one of my wife’s favorite restaurants so we used to go there whenever she had a reason to celebrate. I have also been to Nobu Los Angeles, Nobu Malibu, and Nobu Las Vegas. I have since found other restaurants that I like just a little bit better but I still end up coming out here a few times a year.

Matsuhia is in Beverly Hills on restaurant row. There are usually some celebrities there and I have seen Phil Collins, Mark Wahlberg, and many others. I have also seen Nobu himself at this location many times although he doesn’t seem to hang out there as much these days.

The restaurant is not very big but they do have an outdoor seating area that is sometimes used on weekends, etc. when there are a lot of people. It’s much better to sit inside the main restaurant though.

The sushi is ok but not as good as the top sushi places in Southern California (Sushi Zo, Hiko, etc.). The specialty here is in the Japanese-Peruvian fusion dishes by Nobu. I have tried all 3 of their omakase meals (I believe there are $90/$120/$150 meals). All of their omakases are 7 courses. The main difference in price is in the quality of ingredients. For example, the $90 omakase may include a dish with tuna sashimi but the $120 will have toro sashimi instead. The $120 dish may have beef but the $150 will use kobe beef, etc. At this point, I’ve had almost everything on their menu.

I almost always start my meal with an uni shooter. They also have oyster shooters as well but the uni shooter always seems to hit the spot.

This review is general in nature. I have decided to separate out reviews for their $150 omakase and their $90 omakase as I think these are the most popular among their omakase meals.

Some notable items on the menu (usually not part of the omakase):

Yellowtail with jalapeno: Matushisa makes one of the best versions of this dish. I am not sure if it’s a jalapeno pepper or a serrano pepper but either way it’s not too spicy. He uses ponzu sauce as a dressing.

Sushi: Their best sushi are the red snapper and the seared toro. As for other sushi, I usually ask the sushi chef or my waiter if the uni is good today and if they say that it is, it usually is good.

Sashimi salad w/ tuna: This is my wife’s favorite dish. The ginger dressing is very good and there are nice sized chunks of tuna sashimi.

Black cod miso: This dish is a little hit and miss here these days. It used to be the best. Sometimes it’s just a little bit too sweet for my tastes and sometimes it’s slightly burnt (which I don’t like. But when it’s on, this is the best. I even have a big framed picture of their black cod miso at my house.

New style sashimi: This dish serves the sashimi slightly seared with a warm oil / sauce drizzled on top. You can order this with salmon or white fish. I used to always order it with white fish but I have been ordering it with salmon these days and I think I like the mix of flavors better with the salmon.

Rock shrimp tempura: I’m not a very big fan of tempura but if you go with your non raw fish eating friends, this is a decent choice for non raw fish, non Japanese food eaters.

Soft shell crab roll: This is also very good. They wrap the nori with a white radish that add even more crunch to this roll.

White fish kelp roll: I really like this roll. It’s a little bit of an acquired taste. with the kelp but I haven’t seen this roll in other restaurants so I like it here.

Ankimo w/ caviar: I love ankimo and their version here does not disappoint.

Avacado roll with jalapeno and spicy mayo: This is a custom roll order that my friend makes a lot because he’s vegetarian. This roll is pretty simple but it’s surprisingly good.


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